Mail Order Brides – Better Say ‘E’Mail Order Brides

Not too long ago, many men wanting to find an Asian wife and get married used the services of Mail Order Brides companies and agencies. In the early history of America, women were scarce in the newly forming, rough and dangerous frontier towns and offering Asian women looking for marriage to an American man became a new industry. As the word got out, many Asian women looking for marriage with a foreigner joined a Mail Order Brides type agency.

The man would pay a fee and tell the agent what sort of woman he was looking for and if he wanted children etc… The agency would then pick a few of their girls out that might be a good match and have them write a personal letter of introduction (if they wrote in English) if not the Mail Order Brides agency would write it and include the girl’s picture. Some of these agencies charged the family of the women huge sums of money for this service because coming to America was then and still is a great opportunity to better their lives, earn money and eventually to bring more of the girl’s family here as well. filipina webcam

Imagine a man struggling to make a life in that hard, lonely land and the anticipation of the next letter filled with dreams and hopes from one of these far away women and the excitement over her latest photo to him. Although many of the Asian women did not speak or write English the Mail Order Brides agency would provide translations so the man and the women could read and begin to learn about each other.

As modern means of communication advanced, so did the industry. International phone calls could be arranged and just a few years ago men and women communicated by fax.

Today it’s all about the internet. Email, Web Cams, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), Skype etc… A man can now chat, see on cam and talk with Asian girls, Filipino women and Thai women from the comfort of their PC or even their cell phone.

Approximately 150,000 women worldwide are online on different types of dating sites now. Many are genuinely hoping to meet and marry a foreign man. The internet has made it possible to meet countless Asian women online from all over the world but trying to find that very special lady among thousands can be extremely difficult. Thankfully there are legitimate Introduction Service companies offering Romance Tours and Introduction Tours that have transformed the Mail Order Brides business into a more personal and matchmaking type of enterprise.

Quality Introduction Services personally guide you in Thailand and the Philippines allowing you to more easily meet and get to know these beautiful Asian women in their own countries. The best will present girls that have been pre screened, helping you to avoid the occasional ‘scammer/gold digger’.